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The Shaka litter at 5mnths Nalha, Jet, Vitani, Sarbi, Amahle, and Bogus.

Hello my name is Shannon Fountain. I live in Aurora Colorado. I have owned Rottweilers since I was 11yrs. old. I have been showing since 2004, when my friend Brenda Haskin of Skywind Rottweilers helped me get started. It was always my childhood dream to show dogs; unfortunately my parents did not have the knowledge to help me. I then decided to start breeding because of my bad experience with a breeder. I was sold a show dog under a bad contract with no guidance or support and it turned out to be a catastrophe, so I wanted to help people who were like me. I have had many awesome dogs touch my life over the years and I miss them all. I am a COE (code of ethic) breeder and will not sacrifice my bitches health or well being for a litter. I will only sell to people who meet my standards as pet owners for my puppies. I am an active breeder in my puppy’s lives from the time I decide to breed until the time they pass the rainbow bridge.  I try to help and support anyone who rescues. I have had several fosters over the years and am proud to help the homeless find homes. When I breed I only produce a litter to improve the breed, which can compete in the show ring. Please enjoy my website and feel free to contact me.
Shannon Fountain

Jet wins Brood Bitch!!! At the Mile High Rottweiler Specialty.  Jet, Arwen, and Rosie

This is Jet and her Shaka litter. From left to right "Nalha" UKC/AKC CH TCB'S SKYWINDS SHAKA NALHA TT, "Jet" BOS CH Skywinds Langely V Leehaus TT, "Bogus" UKC/AKC CH TCBROTTS SHAKA BOGUS, "Amahle" MULTI BOB, BOS CH TCB'S AMAHLE V SHAKA ZULU TT, "Vitani" UKC/AKC CH TCB'S SHAKA VITANI, and "Sarbi" TCB'S Shaka Sarbi. They are almost 3yrs old in this pic. I am so proud of them and their owners.

Amahle takes Best of Breed!!!!!!! What a breeding!!!!!!!!!!

Bogus BOW, Vitani Res., Nalha WB
This win was so nice. The whole family won!!!!!!!!!!

Bogus and Nalha won again!!!!!!!!!!

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