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We are getting ready for 2 litters early of 2020
Please keep checking back for  updates.


  Or for other quality Rottweilers contact
and talk to the Breeder referral listed under Committees. 
Also check out rottieaid at

What to look for in a good breeder.

If this is your 1st time please be careful not to get scammed. Make sure you can see the mother at the least but both parents are preferred. Make sure they both look healthy and that the bitch is in good weight for nursing pups.

Never put monies down on a pup of a future breeding only when you are able to hold the pup should you put down a deposit. Do not pay a deposit to even look at a litter. Remember you are the one paying for a pup, they have the right not to sell to you but you do not have to pay to look.

Health clearances: See proof don’t take peoples word for it.  Check health clearances yourself on OFFA.ORG make sure the names match the numbers and they are the names you were given.  Rottweilers should have at least 4 health clearances to be bred. These are the minimum and all 4 need to be done, hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. These test are not done by just any vet so a "vet tested" does not work. They need to be registered with OFA.

Number of dogs: If someone has more than five bitches most likely they are breeding for the money. There are exceptions but not many.

Why are they breeding: You have the right to ask questions. And ask them back yard breeders don’t know to say anything but money and puppy mills will tell you what you want to hear.

Brokers: A lot of internet sites are brokers they don’t have the pups they are just the middle man and charge an extra fee to find homes. Ask where is the puppy they have no idea if the puppy is healthy or not. Or if it is the real puppy in the picture.

Contract: Ask if the puppy is sold on a contract. Most contracts are about the well being of the puppy.

Support: A good breeder will support you for the entire life of the puppy not just the sale.

Guarantees: Guarantees are hard to fulfill the only guarantee you can really enforce is the health of the puppy at the time of the sale and even this is hard. If they offer a day or two to take the pup to a vet do it and a vet of your choosing not theirs.

Clubs: Most breed clubs have rules they have to follow and they enforce them. Ask what clubs they are in. The AKC , UKC, and CKC do not count. Unless it is the Colorado Kennel Club. Most people who are in a club want you to join to help support their breed.

What they do with their dogs: Ask what they do with their dogs. Do they show, obedience, ralley, carting, or herding. People who do things with their dogs don’t just breed them over and over again.

Health of their dogs: Ask how many litters the bitch has had and what were there dates. Like a woman a bitch should not be bred over and over again. Bitches go into heat every six months and most vets say wait one heat cycle. There are exceptions to this but not many and they should be willing to tell you why.

Take your time don’t rush in on any puppy do your research. If you don’t like something don’t buy. In the behavior world we call it “extinction” if nobody buys these pups they will not breed again. You are not saving a life when you buy from BAD breeders you are creating new means for them to do more breedings. One of my favorite sayings is “Rescue 1st, Good breeder 2nd, and never a pet store.” There are lots of people out there who are doing this for the right reasons and are willing to help you find what you want.

Connect with people who are in rott sports to see the true nature of a well bred rott. If you rescue for your 1st rott there are lots of people to help you along the way. If you decide to go with a puppy please be picky on who you find and decide to go with you may find a cheaper dog but you will pay overtime with money and your heart.

Hope I helped if you have any questions feel free to ask.

MHRC:  Breeder referral


By Shannon


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